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    I'm getting ready to buy/build a new system and asked around with a few friends I new had reciently purchased PC's with Vista. I got this response back from one of them :o

    Vista SUCKS. I hate it with a passion. I wish like hell I'd have saved $100 and stuck with XP pro on my new machine. I have countless problems and as I figure out how to fix one, it creates two others. I've spent what little spare time I have trying to fix issues that all related to Vista and haven't had time to find anything good about it. The first night I turned the PC on, file explorer stopped responding and I tried to shut it down via program manager (it refused to shut down the not responding program and after several minutes, I held the power button in to drop the PC on it's ass). I haven't had to do that in years. That's happened twice since. As I type, two of my 4 USB ports on the new hub don't work (they once did) , the sound stopped working and shows no device installed (until I reboot) and IE will crash within a few minutes because Skype doesn't agree with Vista and Skye can't figure out how to resolve it. I've had to edit my registry to get my DVD player back and it has fucked up most of the programs the use the DVD player (it was the last option after I'd tried all the others). Also, if I look at .jpg files I get a COM surrogate has shut down error (that's a Vista graphics thing). Bump your RAM up by at least 1 GIG if you buy Vista because it takes more than that to run anything but Vista basic. Vista is working out worse than Window's ME did on my last machine. The bootleg copy of XP was a god-send and has worked great until Microsoft's recent updates made it check for authentic programs. No doubt they are trying to push people onto the Vista shit. Maybe they deliberately fuck up every other OS release??? If you go with Vista, you'll (no doubt) have better luck than me. Dad just placed an order for a >$4000 laptop. He ordered it with XP Pro.
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    I have had very little experience with Vista but what little i have had is not good. I have a co worker that built a computer about 3 months ago, he loaded Vista64 Ultimate on he new beast. Everything ran smooth as silk through the loading, amazingly enough it even load the proper drivers for his raid setup (unlike XP which typically requires a driver disk), but as soon as it finally booted then the trouble started. The main issues he could not work out were mostly related to games locking up or kicking you to the desktop. He also had a very strange issue with Ventrilio. Aside from that i have read that Vista decreases game performance as much as 25% on some games. I will be building a new beast soon and i am not sure which way to go with my OS. On one hand i have Vista with the latest and greatest, not to mention DX10, and on the other hand i have XP with great stability and a proven track record. It is very sad that Vista has been compared with Windows ME as far as a quality of OS goes, not to mention Micro$oft announced "Windows 7" is in the sad.

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    I'm running vista and am not having any problems with it that aren't OE (perator error) it takes some getting used to but once you are used to it its about like switching from 98 SE to XP was.

    It can be painful if you aren't sure of your hardware, but if you do some planning ahead on your hardware choices for a new system it is a very painless process..or you can do what I a good system off the shelf LOL


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