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Thread: Trim for Speed and Performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblin_Jack
    .......Try a test or two to see just what effect these trim settings have on your airplane. Trim for straight and level flight with the ball centered. You should be able to let go of the stick and not gain or lose altitude and you should also have the ball centered so you are flying straight. Now push the stick forward and start down hill. You will notice three things happen with regards to the trim of the airplane. First you will have to continue to hold forward pressure on the stick in order to continue downhill. Secondly, you will notice the ball will move to the left, and thirdly you will notice the airplane will have a tendency to roll right. That’s because all those designed compensation features are now over compensating, and in order for you to continue in the descent you will have to apply control forces to correct for the over compensation.

    With the nature of a dogfight and the dynamics of speed and altitude changes, it would be impossible to re-trim for ever occasion. You should however, be aware of the basics changes associated with trim settings and in the heat of battle you can apply control pressures as needed to stay in trim as much a possible......
    I'm not a real pilot, a simulator pilot only. Given the limitations of the simulator we use, RJ's instructions have not only been basic, they've been effective at helping me become a better simulator pilot in general and a simulator combat pilot specifically.

    Some of this thread seems to be more academic than practical, at least in my experience.

    In the intensity of air to air combat, or the even more intense air to ground airfield attacks, isn't a basic level flight aircraft trim much more useful than attempting to tweak trim settings in the heat of the battle? When one is worried about the devil on one's six isn't one of the least of things he needs to be concerned with is trim adjustment? Doesn't a little drag benefit result, if there is one, pale in comparison to the increased danger the distraction of trim adjustment presents?

    I've found Irish's comment about roll direction consistent with my experience although by habit I generally roll to the right (even though I *know* better, I do it anyway, darnit!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 352nd Persecutor View Post
    I've found Irish's comment about roll direction consistent with my experience although by habit I generally roll to the right (even though I *know* better, I do it anyway, darnit!)
    Well, at least you're right part of the time. The BMW 801 engines in the FW-190 turned clockwise (same direction as US planes), so rolling either way wouldn't hurt you. HOWEVER, the Daimler-Benz 601s and 605s in the Bf-109 turned counter-clockwise. If a 109 is on your six, THEN is when you want to roll left.

    That little detail REALLY f***ed up the Spanish, later. They built the license version of the 109 after the war, and their version (HA. 1112) still had the asymmetrical vertical stabilizer and airfoil (wing) profile of the German planes, meant to counteract the German engine's torque. Their engine, the Hispano-Suiza 12Z-17, turned the opposite way, however. That meant the asymmetry worked WITH the torque rather than against it, and caused the plane to swing violently on takeoff. NOT fun!

    By the way, I'd just go all to zeros on trim, when going into combat. That way, you never have to worry about fighting your trim, and you're already going to be moving the stick all over the place, so flying hands-off straight and level wouldn't be happening anyway.

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