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Thread: Windows Vista ?

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    Default Windows Vista ?

    Can anyone tell me what Vista is? I know it is a new Microsoft OS, is it going to be a standard OS like XP is now? Can a person upgrade to it while currently running XP? Will it affect gaming, is it 64 bit? I guess I am looking for what anybody knows about so far and when it will become available?

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    Default Windows Vista ?

    Yes, Windows Vista is the replacement for Windows XP.

    Upgrade - I'd imagine so. But picking which version of Windows Vista is right for you will be a harder decision - there are 7 flavors and what your system is capable of doing will influence which one you can run.

    Yes, it comes in 64 and 32 bit - with 64 being the desired/native mode for installations. The 64 bit does have 32 bit capabilities - just like when we went from 16 to 32.

    4Qtr 06 but more likely 2Qtr 07.

    Too really get the inside scoop, I'd start with Paul Thurrott's Windows Website.

    Then, start exploring Microsoft's Vista Website for more information.

    Windows Vista is a whole new ballgame. That's the best I can do for you right now.................
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    Default Windows Vista ?

    Windows Vista is vaporware until it actually hits the shelves, IMHO. I was a very late adopter of XP, and will be even later to adopt Vista -- and since it will have Digital Rights Management built in I'll be even more reluctant to adopt it. In fact, I'll try almost anything (read, Linux) before I'll switch to Vista, and then only because my favorite games (and supportive software) won't run on anything else.

    It is unlikely that BoB won't run on XP, so switching to Vista isn't compelled. XP does just fine, and DRM holds no value to me (in fact, the opposite -- I won't fly Lock-On because of DRM. and I OWN a copy).

    I don't see Vista being a viable possibile alternative OS until at least 2008, if then. There simply is no compelling reason for change. I'm not interested in making M$ richer. I'll pay for value, but I really don't see any value in it. It's their burden to convince me otherwise.

    I have a 64 bit OS (Linux) and see no real value in it over a 32 bit OS (WinXP). Someday there might be value; if so I'll cross that bridge then. Until then, my favorite apps (all of them) are 32 bit and run fine that way. Although I own three 64 bit computers, there is no real reason (except sheer speed and cpu processing ability) to consider a 64 bit OS. You and I can't tell the difference between the two.

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