This Saturday, Jan 7th, we will be hosting our NEW Saturday Night At The Fights. The responses were greatly in favor of switching to Saturdays so we have!

The session will begin at 9:00 PM EST and there are 28 slots available. Even though we ask everyone to sign-up we do accept "walk-ins" as slot availability dictates.

This weeks mission is based on a VC-81 coop campaign from last year. Kapt has adapted the map for our DF server. This mission is based on the landings at Pelilieu. There are several carrier borne US A/C and IJN/IJA Land Based A/C. The IJN/IJA forces must repulse the landing forces by sinking all of the Landing Craft. The US must defend the invasion forces. You will have 45 minutes to complete the objective.

Two rounds will be flown. Red Team will fly allied first round and Blue Team will fly allied second round. Each round will last 45 minutes.

I (Glider) will be traveling this week and will not be home in time to participate. Kapt will be the acting host this week.

To sign-up simply reply to our post at: