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    Howdy, I lurk around your forums from time to time and was hoping to ask a quick question of you. I sold off my CH USB setup a couple months ago (have been without my IL2 ince that time... arrghh) and now decided that I really can't (DON'T WANT) to be without a good HOTAS setup. I was checking out Frugals world and saw where you posted some about Simpeds and your Cougar setup. I don't know anyone with any knowledge the Cougar products and all I have ever used is the CH brand stuff. I am thinking about giving the Cougar a shot but from the sounds of it folks have a love or hate relationship with them.

    I was curious your thoughts on the Cougar and is there a way to have toebreaks on the rudder pedals without modifing it myself. From the sounds of it you went with the Simpeds but I cannot seem to find an active website for the product.

    Talk again soon,

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    Salute, Homer!!

    Try this thread ... the same issues are discussed and links to the Simped site are included.

    When one talks about the Cougar and the Simped combination, one is talking about what is, as far as I know, the price-iest combination of controllers around. In my experience they are also the best, but I have to caution that with the admission that I've never seen or used a CH HOTAS stick. About them I know only what I've heard.

    The CH pedals are good but really don't compare with the Simpeds. But heck, both make the rudder work. It's really a matter of personal choice and pocketbook.

    The Cougar is a very good stick out of the box. It is the ultimate stick when upgraded with the Nxt kit and Hall's Sensors, but you very quickly invest a whole lot of money in the combination .... nearly as much as many folks spend on their computer itself.

    Take a look at the thread and see if most of your questions aren't answered there. If you need more info, ask away. I believe Duck invested in the CH stuff, so he'd be a good source for information about them. There are 3 or 4 Cougar pilots in this group, too.

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    Thank you for the quick reply! I'll move the thread back over to the link you gave me. Not sure how I missed that to start with...

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