Greetings, and welcome to the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group's forum pages.

Access to the open sections of our forum is open to all but in order to post it is necessary that you register. We were forced to add the registration requirement when our forum began to receive unsolicited spam postings from folks of dubious origin. NEW-- we will not approve requests to register from email addresses we cannot confirm. We apologize for the inconvenience but in order to preserve the integrity of our registered member's information we have no other choice.

Please provide us enough information about yourself to help us verify that you are *not* a spammer or data miner. We have changed forum software in an attempt to increase our security. In an abundance of caution, consider not making your email address publicly visible.

The forum registration database is completely secure and is never, repeat never, viewed by anyone other than the system administrators, and then only for the purpose of correcting the occasional error in entry by a user or the even more infrequent removal of a registry entry.

Forum administrators check new registrants to confirm their authenticity and delete those felt to be spammers. If your registration is deleted and you are NOT a spammer, please drop the administrators a line and we will fix the problem. We apologize in advance for our zealous protection of registrant's personal information, including their email addresses. That data is precisely what spammers are after.

Bottom line: rest assured your registration information is private and never shared with anyone, including the members of the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group.

Spammers, Pay Attention!! Every effort you make to register will be rejected and every registration entry you make will be deleted. You will not be permitted to view our registration membership. So bug off!! Go somewhere else.