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    Default CoT Axis armor

    Thought I would put this in here instead of using email. How do ya'll know where the Axis armor is? On the one session I flew, I didn't see a thing but the P-38s were attacking bridges and I think armor. Do we know the general location of their armor and vehicles? How do we know what bridges to take out. I have tried to find some of this info on the CoT forums, but I'm not having much luck. I'll keep looking. If anyone is bored and can show me the general locations using the actual map, I would appreciate it.

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    Default CoT Axis armor

    I believe Stecher has hidden the Axis armor in Helga's garage. And her garage is camoflaged to keep it away from the Allied gentlemen!!

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    Default CoT Axis armor

    Duck, The armor locations are sometines shown on the Tactical Map. The Axis armor moves from location to location (the circles with a "+" sign) to the South or East, so you might be able to estimate where they'd be. From what I've seen, they're armor moves along the Northern shore of the lake. Apparently, only a direct hit from 1,000lb bomb will kill a Panther, so use rocket on everything else.
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