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    The following Forum items are being presented with the hope of engaging the flight simulator enthusiast in a program of flight training designed to improve your flying skills. The flight simulator used is IL2 Forgotten Battles and the airplane being used is the 1941 P-40E. I have chosen the P-40 because it is representative of the high performance single-engine fighter of the era. To get the most out of this training, I suggest that you fly with the full cockpit on. Some of the maneuvers will require instrument interpretations, and this arrangement takes advantage of the P-40ís instrument panel and excellent flight visibility.

    Undoubtedly, you are already flying the flight simulator and have probably scored a number of victories against the enemy. The goal here is to demonstrate some of the basic fundamentals that are too often overlooked when you just hop into an airplane and chase someone around the sky. The wonderful flight modeling within the program allows us to recreate maneuvers associated with slow flight, stalls, spins, accelerated maneuvers, and cross-controlled stalls just to mention a few. This information will be presented is such a way that each lesson builds upon the other, resulting in an understanding of the aerodynamics that influence the airplane and every maneuver you perform.

    It is not my intention to change the way you fly with regards to settings within the simulator. I do hope I can influence how well you fly with regards to the proper handling of an airplane. Be your own worst critic and challenge yourself.

    So letís put our virtual hats on and turn the virtual clock back to the year 1943. You have recently graduated from primary flight school and are coming off a two week leave where you promised your sweetheart that you would return safely from the war. The USAAF is investing heavily in you flight training and they too would like to see you come home after the war. Stationed at an undisclosed training base in Texas you are about to transition into the high performance single-engine fighter, the P40E. As any 22 year old newly commissioned butter-bar second lieutenant you canít wait to tear up the skies. But wait; in our virtual world Uncle Sam has entrusted in you, the use of one each, Curtis P-40E, to be returned in as good as shape as when you checked it out. Train and fly as if your life is at stake.

    "The most important branch of aviation is pursuit, which fights for and gains control of the air"
    U.S. Brigadier General William Mitchell

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    R.J., these are great tips and explanations. Please keep 'em coming.

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    Finally finished reading all these.
    Excellent material and well worth the time to read them. Now lets see if I can put some of this into practice.

    Thanks tons RJ and "keep'em coming".....

    "War has a grim purpose and is extremely complex. Sophisticated planning and doctrine are present at every level. Yet at the point of fire battle is the essence of chaos and violence."

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    ;D See even at this late draw i would like to re due my Flight School For Dummies,,,, LOL .........

    Ironmike olice:

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