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Thread: Thanks Jinkers, Oscar, Deacon, and ALL

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    Default Thanks Jinkers, Oscar, Deacon, and ALL

    Just wanted to publicly Thank Jinkers for the Saturday Night Missions, it was a great idea(I don't have to get up and go to work this morning, so was able to fly to the glorious end.) I wanted to thank Oscar for hosting and resetting the server, I know he had important business if it kept him away from the game(What was her name--details deperately needed ) and I wanted to thank Deacon, first for making the mission, but then also for dying so gallantly--so many times It was a great idea to post on CFSIPGAMES, I really miss that site- at one time it was the premier sim forum IMHO. Have a great one and we hope to see all of you tonight, that is I want to see you first and sneak in and have my way with your unprotected SIX!!



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    Default Thanks Jinkers, Oscar, Deacon, and ALL

    Actually, I had the babysitting duty. Emma's her name - 12 months old, my granddaughter. You really have to keep your third eye on them little ones!
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