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    To join the 352nd VFG Teamspeak server contact the XO or CO at the email link on the bottom of the Home page of this site.
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    You've landed at the home of the Virtual 352nd Fighter Group, now flying the most recent group diversion, the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles Series. We started our virtual life with Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator (CFS), shifted to CFS2, then to IL-2. It's been quite the trip, and things have really changed! Welcome aboard!!

    Let's get this straight right off... First and foremost this site does not relate in any way to a "game". We are WWII flight simmers (pilots; flyboys; aerial jockeys). We take our time together seriously.

    Presently, we are flying IL-2 Great Battles. We also have our own Dogfight Mission Servers running in EXPERT mode as well as a "TeamSpeak 3" communications radio transmitter, on its own server.

    We started out our virtual life flying Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator. When we adopted the IL-2 platform we found ourselves stationed on temporary duty to the Eastern Front 'flying' wingtip to wingtip with our Russian allies against the Luftwaffe Horde. The planes we flew were cast-offs jury rigged together from parts "cannibalized" from downed planes found in aircraft graveyards, forest, and meadow alike.

    The 'favorite' single seater of the 352nd is " ... The Pony, the Stang, the Mustang, i.e.; the P-51" but we do "strap on" other "flying machines" ... on occasion!! When IL-2 matured and the Thunderbolt, Lightning, and Mustang became available, we gleefully returned to our favorite ride. We were even more pleased when we received orders to return to the ETO, first to Normandy and now to England and our home field of Bodney.

    When stranded on the Eastern Front we found fuel and spare parts, always in short supply, sometimes rolled in long after midnight on trucks groaning with fatigue and gasping for breath, barely hitting on all cylinders. Sometimes we even "borrowed" planes from other Squadrons, even from the "enemy".

    Out of the darkness had been heard, at times, an enraged voice shouted from some German base Commander ...".... you Mercenary Bastards !!"

    Laughter echoed as we disappeared into the darkness and often times the rain and fog. Well, we may have deviated somewhat from our flight base in England and were using more "creative ideas", but we have always been a hard fighting TEAM ... of disciplined military personnel.

    It wasn't that long ago we were stuck mainly on the Eastern Front. Not today. Often our location is secret yet reports may roll in seeing our "Blue Noses" ever further west into Central Europe. One month our base of operations is in the Baltics. The next month with a flurry of late night activity, bases are prepared in advance and we are moved overnight to Italy, France, or Scandinavia. Our "Blue Nosed Fighting Machines" are seen more frequently now, coming from ANY direction. We are still the close knit team of disciplined "freedom fighters". The "war" is being won week by bitter week. We are proud of our contribution to that effort.

    Our mission here on the "continent" is to assist in any way, to drive the Germans back from another direction. This gives our men & boys further West time to catch their breath and for their wounds to heal.

    The Western ETO is now in a state of transition with more troops arriving every day on overloaded troop ships from the Americas. The Merchant Marine freighters are bringing guns, ammo, bombs, jeeps, tanks, aircraft, food, spare parts, fuel, medical supplies, .....and equally important ..... chocolate bars, cigarettes and nylons over to us in ever increasing numbers.

    Prior to the deployment to the Eastern Front we were working through the CFS-1 branch of SHAEF and the 8th Army Air Force in the ETO, based at Bodney, England... approximately 143 kilometers NNE of London. From there we planned and executed detailed bomb-runs to the continent and back. On lighter days we executed Lightning Fighter Strikes across the Channel, making the Huns wish they never had the idea to again attempt to run roughshod over the citizenry of Europe....let alone attract attention from "The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney." Some may think our name harsh, but we're as proud of it today as we were during the War Years !!!

    We used every bell & whistle available in CFS-1. We still use that approach now that we are "on the continent" We plan our missions in detail. We fly our missions as if we were REALLY THERE.....back in the 1940-45 era. Quite frankly...WE ARE THERE!!!

    When we added our Cross-Channel map to IL-2 1946 we regularly flew from Bodney and re-created missions flown by our fathers, grandfathers, and members of our greatest generation. It was a real treat to be able to return to Bodney and England. We created the Bodney field from blue prints of the airfield we received from the 352nd Fighter Group and attempted to re-create the field as well as possible giving the limitations of the 1946 graphics engine. With our move to Great Battles it is our hope to be able to do the same once a large enough European Theater map is available. We have our collective fingers crossed.

    Once you "fly" with us you will find yourself immersed through a time warp back...
    back...to "The War Years"....Never doubt that...!!!

    We ARE TRULY a "FIGHTER GROUP...Freedom Fighters". Every line-pilot has his own assignment, and is expected to carry it out as if his life depended upon it .... IT DOES !!! The lives of his wingman and the bomber crew he may be flying or escorting depend on his individual mission, as well.

    We have several Combat Photographers onboard that are constantly burning film from ground stations and airborne Gun Cameras alike.

    Browse through our ever changing Scrapbook section (accessible through the menu at the top of this page).

    We welcome you to the home of the 352nd Fighter Group. The main ideas here are truth, honesty & pride ... sprinkled heavily with laughter, fond memories, & memorable missions both long and short. The 'pilots' of this Fighter Group share a common goal and a common mission ... "Realism."

    Realism is one of our highest goals but at the top of the list is the fun we have with our fellow pilots. Our members' ages range through several decades but that is not important.

    Fly with us and you will also have more fun than you can find any place else !!!

    Yes, in the end it's the joy of the realistic flight; the smile you get when you bring that bomber back with one engine out. Even though you splattered it all over the runway she didn't blow. Or coming up behind that bomber unseen, and when the bomber turns for his final run, you cut 'em to shreds; he never saw it coming and you saved lives and resources!!!

    Realism, Honor, Friendship, Fun !!! That's what we are
    and that's why we're here ............

    If you are thinking of joining a Flight-Sim Group, make sure you keep us on your "short-list". Look us over. You won't be disappointed. If you're bold enough; if you've got the guts ... "PUNCH" the "Join" button. New recruits are most welcome.

    Your Mamma, Papa & Sweetheart will be proud as peacocks that you joined such an elite fighting force as the 352nd FG ... and so will YOU !!!

    ... A little serious ? Maybe ...

    The truth ? every last word !!!

    If you're just passing by, please visit our Forum and scribble a note.

    We here at the 352nd salute you .... whether you decide to stay a while or continue hiking that long dusty road ....

    Blue skies!!

    CO -- 352nd Deacon

    XO -- 352nd Persecutor

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    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.