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    It is the practice of the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group to offer its creations to the flight simulation community free and unfettered, available to all to use or modify as appropriate. We developed that attitude during our days in CFS where creative juices were flowing, modifications were rampant, and the simulation experience greatly enhanced as a result.

    We realize that IL2 is developed from a different mind set and we respect that. However we continue to believe that if others can benefit from our efforts, we are pleased to be able to contribute.

    Having said that, we are also sensitive to the creative efforts of other artists and try hard to never take credit for, or abuse the use of, the work of other folks. If, in viewing or downloading these skins, the creator is a 352nd member, the skins are available free for your use and modification. We'd like to receive credit, but our overall goal is to make your simulation enjoyment better.

    If the skin or work is from another source, we ask that you respect the creator's efforts and not modify or otherwise use the skin without the creator's approval. Please respect their talents, efforts, and generosity.

    352nd Fighter Skins

    P-51d Skins
    December 11, 2003

    352nd Jinks, besides being a skilled skins artist, is also something of a WWII history buff. He has combined the two skills and created a pair of P-51d skins representing two famous aircraft from WWII, "Eleen and Jerry" and the "West By Gawd Virginian".

    Download the "Eleen and Jerry" file here.

    This aircraft was flown by Bob "Punchy" Powell. You can see many photos of Punchy as he looks today in our Scrapbook section ... his pictures are among those from the Savannah reunion. Download the "West By Gawd Virginian" file here.

    N.B., Jinkers wants everyone to know that he owes a huge debt of gratitude to Leadspitter for his work on the original P-51d templates. Without the efforts of Leadspitter on which Jinkers built, the skins our squad proudly wear, and the others we offer here, would have been much more difficult to create.

    Captured Bf-109 Skin

    by 352nd Jinkers
    January 17, 2004

    352nd Jinkers, at the request of CO 352nd Deacon, a fond admirer of the Forgotten Battles Bf-109, created this "Captured" skin. An equally creative story describing how he came to possess the "stolen" Bf-109 can be found in our "News" section.

    Download the "Captured Bf-109" file here.

    Captured P-51d Skin

    by 352nd Jinkers
    January 18, 2004

    Well, it's not hardly right that the "Allies" would have a "captured" Bf-109 to fly and the Axis not have a "captured" P-51, is it? Jinkers didn't think so,either, so he scoured the Axis countryside and found a hidden, captured P-51d in a camoflaged hanger. He took some secretive pictures of it and reproduced them with this skin.

    Download the "OD Captured P-51d" file here.

    Naturally, not every P-51d captured by the Germans was painted olive drab. Actually, in order that the captured Mustang not be mistaken for an Allied plane, the Germans painted their prizes with a bright yellow/gold underside and tail so the flak gunners would be able to identify them. Jinkers located one painted in that scheme in a neighboring hanger.

    Download the "bare metal/yellow" captured P-51D file here.

    Cripes a'Mighty

    by Vulcan
    July 30, 2005

    One of the most beautiful P51D paint schemes was applied to George Preddy's Cripes a'Mighty. You can see photographs of the gorgeously restored plane in our Savannah reunion section reachable via the "Scrapbook" menu entry above.

    George Preddy was the highest scoring Mustang Ace in the ETO and tragically lost his life to friendly fire on Christmas Day, 1944 while chasing a FW-190 in the Bastogne area.

    , a friend of the 352nd VFG, has created a handsome skin very closely recreating Cripes a'Mighty. We are proud to host the skin and make it available for download.

    You can download a copy of the skin here.

    LeadSpitter's Cripes a'Mighty 3rd

    by Leadspitter
    July 30, 2005

    Leadspitter created a beautiful version of Cripes a'Mighty 3rd, flown by Maj. George Preddy during 1944 and in which he scored six kills on one mission on August 6.

    Download the Leadspitter Cripes a'Mighty 3rd here.

    LeadSpitter's Generic 352nd P-51d skins

    by Leadspitter
    July 30, 2005

    Leadspitter, the consummate skin artist, generously provided the 352nd VFG with a generic set of skins for our use and granted permission for us to post them for public access. His skins come in a single 9 meg download which contains 14 352nd Fighter Group skins, in the 328th, 486th, and 487th Squadron colors.

    Download the entire set of Leadspitter's 352nd P-51d skins here.

    Serval's "Legend of Y-29" 352nd Fighter Group Skin Pack

    by 1.JaVa.Serval
    January 2, 2006

    1.JaVa Serval has prepared a complete set of 352nd Fighter Group skins depicting the aircraft that participated in the Bodenplatte attack on Y-29 on January 1, 1945.

    Serval worked closely with Sam Sox and Bob "Punchy" Powell to ensure that his skins were as historically accurate as possible. The resulting skin pack is outstanding.

    Leadspitter, Fly By Shooter and CGReload also deserve credit for contributing to the results.

    The download is 6 megs in size.

    Download Serval's "Legend of Y-29" 352nd P-51d skins here.

    Monguse's Cripes a'Mighty III

    by Monguse
    December 4, 2006

    Monguse created his own stunning version of Cripes a'Mighty 3rd, flown by Maj. George Preddy during 1944 and in which he scored six kills on one mission on August 6.

    Download the Monguse Cripes a'Mighty 3rd here.

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    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.