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    To join the 352nd VFG Teamspeak server contact the XO or CO at the email link on the bottom of the Home page of this site.
  • Cross-Channel Map Downloads Page

    Version 1.4.5 is available for download:

    Mediafire Mirror graciously provided by Wheelsup_cavu.

    Changes from the original release:

    CCM Patch v1.4.5:

    - Corrected two holes in the ocean in the channel north and west of Jersey.

    - Corrected the inlet textures southeast of Manston.

    - resized the in-game Navigation Maps (the ones you see when you press the "M" key).

    CCM Patch v1.4.1:

    - Added Zuti friction mod values to Rosiere en Santerre airfield in France which had been inadvertently omitted.

    - Fixed elevation issues on Ghent and Maldegem airfields, neither of which had been flattened. They were smoothed using Zuti's mod, but not flattened on the map_h, consequently the airfields had changing elevations throughout their area. Ghent in particular was very difficult to fly out of if you were unfortunate enough to spawn into a southwestern spawn point.

    - Fixed some elevation issues in the Nieuwe-Merwede (CA32) area and on the eastern shoreline of the Isle of Wight.

    - Identified and repaired some "broken" roadways in the low country area.

    - Added a railway to the port in Vissengen.

    - Removed errant forests growing in rivers and estuaries in both Great Britain and the continent, particularly the Amsterdam area.

    - Significant texture clean up on the continent, removing a "shadow" alongside most rivers, cleaned up the shoreline removing texture anomalies that resulted from errant map editing during the original map release process. Cleaned up most city textures and enlarged many villages. Removed the trees in the runway area of the Luftwaffe airfield at Paris. Enhanced runway grass textures at several Luftwaffe airfields in the central and south portion of the continent. Placed textures on two "holes" in the sea near Jersey. The holes are now "islands", although no islands are actually at the geographical location; the problem is the result of an error in a base map file which is scheduled to be repaired in a major map update to follow.

    - Updated the latest ed_mXX files which emphasize the Roads and Railroads used in the Fall 2010 Battle of France Campaign. Navigation using the in-game map should be much improved.

    - Added a file which effectively prevents vehicles from crossing rivers. The first version of the map did not have one.

    - Edited the load.ini file to add the vehicle blocking file and added all the Zuti airfield codes that are correct and with smoother friction values.

    - Updated files include map_t.tga, map_h.tga, ed_m01.tga, ed_m02.tga, ed_m03.tga, and load.ini. New files include ed_map_t.tga.

    Note: The version of the 352nd Cross Channel Map included in the UP installation is not identical to what is provided by this installer; textures, sizes, and some of the internal map files have been changed by the UP folks. Whether this version can be easily installed in a current UP installation is an unknown to us and, naturally, we prefer our version -- we think it looks better although some weaker systems may have problems with the intensity of the trees in our map, particularly in the UK.

    Note to mission builders: This map has friction values of 1.5 applied to all 89 airfields so the grass landing areas will be smooth enough to serve as useful landing and take off locations. With the advent of Team Diadalos' version 4.10.1 the friction mod developed by Zuti which made these fields possible has been added to the game by default, selectable in the Full Mission Builder. On some systems, if a friction value is added by the mission the otherwise smooth airfield will be rendered rough. The solution we have discovered is to set the friction value to ON in the Full Mission Builder with a value of "1". Doing so results in an airfield as smooth as our map maker intended.
  • Audio

    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.