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    To join the 352nd VFG Teamspeak server contact the XO or CO at the email link on the bottom of the Home page of this site.
  • Mike

    Call sign: 352nd_Mike
    Aircraft No: 13, "M" in Squad Lettering
    Enlistment Date: October 3, 2007
    Rank: 2Lt.
    Duties Pilot
    Distinguished Flying Cross Bronze Star
    Air Achievement Medal Combat Readiness Medal
    * Ploesti Raid Ribbon Pacific Flight Missions
    Inter-Squad Competitions:
    matches only.
    Air-to-Air Victories
    Successful Bomb Run

    Hometown: Hialeah, FL, USA
    Age: 16
    Web Page, Projects, Special Interests, etc:
    Profile: Salute all, my name is Mike and I'm happy to announce that I'm the youngest Bastard in the squad for the time being. Clay is about 50 years older that me.

    My Combat Flightsim experience started with Microsoft's CFS 3. Later on I moved over to IL2 where I found the most elite and proffessional squadron you could ever think of; the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group, known as the Blue Nose Bastards of Bodney. Here, I found both incredibly knowledgeable and pleasant people you could ever get a chance to speak and fly with. After flying with them for a period of time, I had the honor and privilege to become a Blue Noser.

    In my entire life, I haven't seen such commitment as to what these people have honoring the REAL 352nd Fighter Group in a daily basis, and ''BOY" they do it *IN A BIG WAY*. When I'm not in duty, I go to school. I'm also a real life student pilot working towards my private pilot's license and getting pretty close to it. RJ's flight training for dummies has made it easier. It is my pleasure and honor to form part of such an elite squadron and be associated with these group of people.

    When I`m not trying to get Booze off Persecutor's tail, I spend time with family and friends. I am so glad to be here!!!

  • Audio

    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.