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    To join the 352nd VFG Teamspeak server contact the XO or CO at the email link on the bottom of the Home page of this site.
  • Coster

    Call sign: 352nd_Coster
    Aircraft No: 6, " C " in Squad Lettering
    Enlistment Date: August 28, 2005
    Rank: Major
    Duties Squadron Leader, 328th; Command Staff
    Distinguished Flying Cross Bronze Star
    Meritorious Service Medal Air Force Commendation Medal
    Air Medal Air Achievement Medal
    Distinguished Unit Citation Combat Readiness Medal
    Doolittle Raid Medal Ploesti Raid Ribbon
    Yamamoto Mission Pacific Flight Missions
    Order of the Rising Sun, 4th Class
    Inter-Squad Competitions:
    * *
    Inter-Squad matches only.
    Air-to-Air Victories
    Successful Bomb Run

    Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
    Age: 43
    Web Page, Projects, Special Interests, etc: Flying (Real Life), Flying IL-2 (much cheaper that RL flying, Firearms, and Civil Air Patrol.
    Profile: I have been playing with flight sims since the '80s "Battle Hawk" on my Commodore 64, but I could never get the hang of IL-2. I never managed to take off or land the darned things in one piece, so it sat on my shelf. After watching the Preddy commemoration movie done in Warbirds III and a recommendation of IL-2 from a friend, I started by first looking for an Online Squadron to join. A lurker by nature, I was never comfortable with just dropping into an online event. The immediate contacts by Link and Persecutor, and the welcome I received as a prospective member, made me feel right at home. We tend to trade as many barbs and compliments as we do electronic lead. The patient efforts and encouragement of the squadron members eventually enabled me to get off the ground so now the goal is to have as many landings as take-offs...

    Although we strive for excellence, becoming a dominating online force is not a goal, so we don't assign wingmen, flights or squadrons. The 352nd VFG is more about honoring the men of the real 352nd by simulating what they went through and enjoying each other's company while doing it.

  • Audio

    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.