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    In looking forward, one needs to look backwards to get a sense of direction. If somebody asked me to predict what the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group would be like in the next year, I'd say that we would still be the glint on the cutting edge of the WWII flight sim that we are participating in at the moment. Knowing the members as well as I do, they would settle for nothing less.

    When the Aces Expansion Pack (from Ubisoft) and the Battle over Europe (3rd party add-on) were been made available the 352nd worked to develop the Dynamic Campaign Generator to its limit so that we can fly any Allied plane, including the P-38J and L, the B-25 and A-20, the Spits and Tempest, and all the versions of the P-51, in any mission. Most of us investigate all new versions and patches of IL2FB and then introduce it to our membership slowly and methodically before we have a vote to accept it as a standard of play.

    When IL-2 was opened to modding the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group was among the early participants in improving the simulator and worked diligently to develop the Cross Channel Map. With it's release, we have turned our attention to further enhancements of the map and other areas of the sim.

    We have followed the rumors of a new sim from Ubisoft-BOB (SoW, Battle Over Britian) closely and will be looking forward to its release in two weeks, be sure!! But until then, with the Cross Channel Map we can now get back to our beloved Bodney base. Ahh, to dream of England in the springtime .........

    I would say that our "ideal" of a WWII flight sim would be the graphics and flight models of IL-2, the ease of third party additions of CFS without the ability to "supercharge" any plane above real specs, the ability to level the playing surface of IL2 FB, all placed in the Western Europe Theater of Operations. Couple that with a company to produce it who would make it available in complete form without the need for patches to correct bugs which should have been discovered in beta testing, at a price any member could afford, which would play on existing equipment without the need to spend $1000 in upgrades to play a $45 sim, and that would look as if you were looking out the windscreen of the plane you decided to fly without the sharp corners of pixels obstructing your view, all at frame rates in the 50-60 per second neighborhood and we'd have to vote to switch to this new sim with glee.

    With the "mods" we have almost achieved our dream!

    That is what I see in the future for the 352nd and when it happens, we will still be the glint on that cutting edge of the WWII flight sim virtual world, looking back to see why the rest of the simmers just don't join us in the fun. But then, our standards may just be too high for them to achieve.


    You think you've got what it takes to make the grade? Then fly with us a while and because you've seen the rest, now try the best - the 352nd VFG, like it says on the logo, second to none!

    Blue Skies
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    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.