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    The Squadron lined up after a successful training sortie

    At the present time the 352nd Virtual Fighter group has returned from its earlier temporary tour in the Eastern European Theater of Operations. When switching to the WWII combat flight sim, IL2 Forgotten Battles the Squadron found itself unable to return to its comfortable home at Bodney, England. Now, after years of improvements to IL-2 and with the addition of mods and the Squadron's own Cross Channel Map, we are back again in England and the ETO. The best of the best, which is the 352nd, goes where the combat is fiercest, the planes the hottest, the action the quickest, and the planning the most detailed. As the IL2 Sturmovik platform continues to evolve, the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group has finally returned home. The euroasian steppes of the eastern front have become a memory as we often look at Normandy and the Ardennes from high aloft.

    We have developed our own squadron planes within the IL2 platform. With the release of Forgotten Battles, we developed squadron versions of all three P-47s. With the release of the Aces Expansion Pack our skilled artists have developed squadron versions of the P-51b, P-51c, and our favorite, the P-51d. And, of course, our beloved Bodney Belle graces many of our missions. Now, with the advent of mods, we have finally seen the day when the Belle is flyable and we can return to Bodney.

    While we have in the past been relegated to flying only Allied planes, since IL2 the 352nd has been known to "procure" a few of the Axis weapons of war and we've become impressed with their capabilities. We are now in the process of getting the rest of the virtual world to realize that with the proper country's markings, any planes can be flown in any scenario as adjustments to the game can be made to accommodate any makeup of flying weapons, if you are skilled enough as we are. We have "captured" Bf-109s to complement our fleet of air weaponry.

    Since we can whip up any paint job on short notice, some of us have switched over to developing missions by using the full mission builder that is part of the sim. We can now adjust our own or someone else's scenario in a short time and add a flavor only the 352nd is noted for. We can add enough AAA to straighten your hair if it is curly or curl it if its straight. Of course, then it's just the way we like it. We can put a multitude of easy targets for your bombers to destroy or place that all important single target that must be destroyed within an impenetrable set of defenses. Impenetrable, I mean, for the normal sim pilot - child's play for a member of the 352nd. The Dynamic On-line campaign generator that has been introduced in the Aces Expansion Pack has really caught our attention. Our best and brightest are burning the midnight oil to learn the ins and outs of the software; we have high hopes we can put every nook and cranny of the Generator to good use.

    Our group of stalwart pilots are best of friends within and outside the virtual world. We span the entire USA as we have members on both the east and west coasts, its southern borders as well as its heartland. We also have members from the European continent and "down under" in Australia. As was mentioned elsewhere on the site, our members don't like flying the WWII sims as much as they like flying them with their comrades in arms, their fellow members of the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group.

    The IL-2 simulator continues to mature as Team Daidalos and other modders improve the game with annual update releases. The 352nd Virtual Fighter Group keeps current with game updates and has adopted the HSFX mod package as it's base game. We add a few enhancements of our own, of course but applaud the efforts of all modders, particularly those of Team Daidalos and the 242 Squadron (developers of HSFX).

    Blue Skies!!
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    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.