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    To join the 352nd VFG Teamspeak server contact the XO or CO at the email link on the bottom of the Home page of this site.
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    The Squadron lined up after a successful training sortie

    The 352nd Virtual Fighter Group flies IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 version 4.11.1 augmented by the latest version of HSFX (at the time of writing is now 6.0.17).

    When not engaged in on-line war campaigns, the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group flies regularly every Thursday and Sunday evening at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT -5), 5:30 Pacific Time (GMT - 7), for approximately 2 hours. Occasionally a session may last for three hours, but generally shortly after the two-hour mark the squadron calls it quits.

    The first half-hour to hour is spent in warm ups and dogfights, the remainder of the evenings are spent in scenario or mission flying. The squad's emphasis is on "fun", although we try and design the "fun" to be "historically based". Periodically we turn our focus to training, emphasizing teamwork, wingman tactics, situational awareness, and general aviation skills. We always try and maintain a stress on the "fun" aspect of the "sim experience".

    The squadron uses a variety of game difficulty settings, depending upon what the whims of the members may be on any given night. Originally the squad used relaxed difficulty settings, permitting the cockpit to be turned off, leaving outside views on, leaving the map icon on, displaying icons at a restricted range, and setting the balance of the difficulty settings "full real". Recently the squadron has begun to tighten up its settings and has become very close to a "full switch" squad. The group is capable of flying full switch when a particular mission or scenario requires it, and often will fly with a "full switch" relaxed only with outside views on.

    The 352nd Virtual Fighter Group maintains a 24/7 Teamspeak 3 server which serves as a unified meeting ground. The Squad also maintains a forum, reachable by the menu selection at the top of this page. Easy and rapid communication between squad members is a hallmark of the 352nd, as is good-natured ribbing and the generous sharing of knowledge and information.

    On a non-regular evening it is not uncommon to find squad members on the TeamSpeak server, in HyperLobby, or in a private IP game. As the squadron has grown in size the private IP game has become more commonplace and our presence on Hyperlobby more limited.

    The 352nd Virtual Fighter Squadron was invited to participate in the Clash of Titans ongoing war and many of our squadron members flew in the CoT scenarios. With the demise of CoT several members participated in Forgotten Skies, a similar arena. We are also a beta tester and developer of the Scorched Earth Online War (SEOW) campaign and try to keep up with the many improvements frequently made to the SEOW software. We often schedule SEOW battles with other squadrons, including with the Danger Dogz. Most recently we participate in on-line battles with the AKA and FA squadrons and are currently (January, 2012) heavily engaged in a Mediterranean battle circa 1944.

    While we welcome inter-squad competition, our main focus is on entertainment, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and skill development while maintaining a strong sense of fairness and fun. Each squad member is encouraged by all the others to contribute but all understand the rigors and demands of real life.

    We welcome guest fliers in our midst, whether prospective members or simply those who want to share some flying time with us. Because we are often on a private IP, if you would like to join in one of our sessions, drop either the CO, the XO, or any member an email message and someone will get back to you promptly with an invitation and instructions on joining our TeamSpeak server. If you don't have TeamSpeak, you are really missing a wonderful adjunct to the game. TeamSpeak is a low-resource claiming, high-quality voice communication program that adds immeasurably to the Forgotten Battles experience and can be quickly obtained and installed; visit TeamSpeak to download a free copy.

    On November 5, 2003 this 352nd Virtual Fighter Group, flying in CFS, CFS2, and the IL2 series, was officially recognized by the 352nd Fighter Group Association as an affiliated group. The 352nd Fighter Group Association is made up of veterans of the "real" 352nd Fighter Group; pilots, ground crew, support staff, and their families and friends. To be recognized by the Association and given "affiliated" status is a high honor which this Virtual Fighter Group strives hard to merit.


    The Association had earlier recognized the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group flying in Warbirds and TargetWare. We proudly share experiences and the honor of representing the veterans who braved the odds in World War II with the Warbirds group. Links to the 352nd Fighter Group Association and the Warbirds 352nd VFG can be found on the upper left column.

  • Audio

    The Merlin

    352nd SamDog produced a terrific "Era Radio" sound byte .... kinda takes you back 75 years or so. Click the Speaker below to enjoy. Approximate run time is seven minutes.