View Full Version : Allied Pilots Needed Over Virtual Europe - Part Trois

12-25-2016, 04:41 PM
S! Bluenosers and friends...

It's the holiday season, and you're needed over the skies of virtual Europe. Battleground Europe: World War II Online is again doing it's "Welcome Back Soldier" promotion. All Free to Play and Starter level accounts are upgraded to Premium level. All old accounts are reactivated. This is going on through January 3rd. Come fly for free in the only 24/7 combined arms sim there is. (And no, "Heroes & Generals" is an arcade game, not a sim.)


I've mentioned before, the Rats' (developers') attention to real life physics and damage modeling on their vehicles, and why that makes WWIIOL such an awesome game. To illustrate that, here's a quote from one of them, in a recent forum post about why the 109 is hard to fly.

"Part of the 109's "control problem," in relation to all of the other fighters, that I do not want to change, because it IS part of the historical design that makes the 109 the 109, specifically in relation to the Spit in this instance, is that it has a higher wing loading than the Spit, has operational leading edge slats to help compensate for that higher wing loading and to maintain aileron control at higher AOA than the Spit and most all of the other planes, and at the same time, has around twice the rudder and somewhere around 30% more elevator throw control than the Spit does. That has two primary consequences that has to do with being able to pull more AOA and yaw than the Spit can, simply because of the extra control authority in the elevator and rudder. In RL, most pilots would appreciate that because higher AOA can be the difference in a tighter instantaneous turn at the right speed, or even be the difference in the lead needed for a gun solution at the right time. Those attributes are good things, but they come at a cost. Because of the higher wing loading and ability to pull more controllable AOA, it is MUCH easier to push past the "edge" into accelerated stall territory where you pass the lift "sweet spot" and start piling on the drag and burning up your energy, getting worse the slower you go and the more AOA you pull slowing you down even faster and getting ever more detrimental right up to the point of stall and departure from controlled flight. Then to compound that, BANG! one of the slats opens or closes on you in an asymmetrical fashion and now you ALSO have an unexpected yawing moment thrown into the mix, right at the worst possible time when the airflow over your control surfaces might not be adequate to maintain control of the aircraft. All of that is historically accurate in the 109 design and I intend to make sure to keep it that way."

Remember, the same graphics that look somewhat primitive also allow everyone to be on the same map at the same time. There is a half scale map of Europe with no instancing. The other day, I flew a Hurricane on an escort mission in support of an Allied RDP (resource, development, and production - aka strategic) bombing mission to Cologne (Köln). Some bombers later went up and did tactical missions against German forces to help an Allied attack on a town. BTW, they could always use some fighters to fly cover for them. (*HINT!*) ;)

Anyway, fly (or drive a tank or pilot a ship or join the infantry) for free for the next nine days. When you're not flying missions with the 352nd, the Allies could surely use your help.

It's free.

It's fun.

It's challenging.

If you're going to give it a try, let me know if you have a specific time you can be ingame. I'll try to get online and help you get started.