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Thread: Do You Trust This Computer?

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    Default Do You Trust This Computer?
    The privacy settings of the video require you to watch it at Vimeo.


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    This is an excellent video, rather long but brutal in its presentation and conclusions. When I first viewed it, after reading Wheels' post, it was free. It is now marked "Private" and is, I believe, behind a paywall. That's unfortunate because it will be thus viewed by far fewer people than had it stayed free and the information it relays will not be passed along to the public nearly as broadly.

    I watched only about half of it, not realizing how long it was. However, in my truncated view I saw a very bleak picture painted of our future, raising uncomfortable images of the lives of the many portrayed in Blade Runner. I fear for our grand children.

    After writing this I did a quick search and found the video available here. It is behind a paywall, $3.99 to rent and $5.99 to buy.

    Further Edit:
    Wheels pointed out that there is now a copy on Youtube, free.

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