WWIIOL just released on Steam for the US and the rest of N and S America. Europe goes live on the 12th. Asia on the 15th, and Pacifica on the 19th.

There are big dogfights happening now, all player versus player; bombing and air support for infantry and armor as well. Everyone signing up through Steam gets a free month of Premium time, so folks can rank up and use better equipment. After that, it's a subscription-based game with the exception of infantry (bolt action rifle and SMG) and truck driver (transport troops and artillery), which are FreePlay. There's no charge for the game itself.

I'd love to have you guys come dominate for the Allies. I even got a practice flight in, earlier...all of five minutes. Alert the media, I still suck. One day, the wife's health and our other issues will calm down and I'll be able to join you guys in the air. I've never even gotten to spawn into IL-2, as yet. *sigh*